Many people suffer from skin related conditions and lack of proper knowledge of each condition can lead to further damage to the already vulnerable skin. Acne is one of the skin diseases that affects millions of people. In order to get proper treatment and prevent this common skin problem, you need to understand what causes it as no one is immune from this skin infection. 

What really is it? What causes Acne? It is a skin infection caused by swelling of sebaceous glands beneath the oil glands that occurs around the hair follicles. For most teenagers, this usually occurs during their adolescent stage when sebaceous glands first spring to life following increased production of androgen hormone by the adrenal glands. However, this type of skin infection does not end after puberty and adults too have their own fair share due to various life conditions that stimulate its revival. Certain medication, especially those rich in androgen leads to this skin condition, as well as oily foods and oily skin lotions.Prevention and Treatment There are four simple ways to prevent and find lasting solutions to acne and acne scars. 

First, you need to check your diet by ensuring low fat and oil intake, this will prevent the glands from swelling. Second, you need to avoid certain medication. Some medicines contain small doses of androgen and this is one of the causes of the swelling of the oil glands at the base of the hair follicle. Next, you need to strive to live a stress-free life as possible. Stress increases the activities of adrenal glands, which subsequently leads to high production of androgen hormone. Living a stress-free life involves managing anxiety, disappointments, and set targets, be it a work target or a family commitment target. This is the only sure way to maintain a low stress level. 

Lastly, you can seek treatment, both naturally and medically after in-depth consultation with your dermatologist. Some of the common treatment includes cortisone and fade cream treatment, laser and filler treatment for both skin damage and getting rid of acne scars.Do’s and Don’ts When suffering from skin damage· Keep your hands off your face, except when washing · Maintain high level hygiene to curb further damage to the skin·

Avoid frequent washing of your face or affected skin areas as this may in turn irritate the skin. Washing affected areas twice a day is highly recommended, in the morning and before sleeping· DO not try to squeeze or burst the pimple as it further exposes your skin to bacterial infection. In the event of inevitable squeezing, consult your dermatologist for invaluable advice to contain the existing damage.

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